Monday, 23 October 2017

Enhance your AdWords CTR Using Advanced Methodologies

 It’s great to have favorable results from you content marketing campaign but most of the usually do not pay much attention to the complications which can come in the way of this marketing strategy. Among a lot, measuring AdWords CTR can cause huge frustration for the marketers.

Although you focus only on ad-copy optimization (which holds primary value), you will eventually need to focus on some advanced options in order to customize your campaign for the most favorable results you can get.

Negative Match Keywords
Negative Keywords are exact negative of the regular keywords we use for SEO and SEM campaigns. When we use regular keywords, we tell Google the type and location of the traffic we want to get. In case of the negative keywords, we tell the same parameters about the traffic which we do not want to get.

The reason for the use of negative keyword is that it tends to keep the adword campaign relevant and targeted. Hence, we can save time and resources with the use of this feature.

Now, there are three types of negative keywords which can be used, i.e. exact match, phrases and broad. Using exact keywords in phrase and broad campaigns can help in in preventing the ads form showing up in the geographical locations which do not come in your audience’s domain.

The location bidding
Consider the scenario when a user from Miami and a user from Iceland search for “November Clothing”. Surely the featured results to be shown to the user in Miami shouldn’t be displayed in front of user from Iceland. This is the reason that leveraging the location bidding is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to improving CTR.

So, you will need to understand the requirements of every location in order to show right ad.

Duplication keywords removal
Keywords can get duplicated in any adword campaign. The most common reason is that marketers usually see the market trends and update the keywords. So, there is a fair chance for any keyword to get duplicated in the process. This very same process can also result in existence of irrelevant keywords.

There is a simple navigational task that you can do to view the keywords that drive traffic to your website. Under the Keyword tab, find and click search terms button. That will tell you the keywords that drive traffic to your website.

Perform an analysis to find out the keywords which work for your campaign and also the ones which don’t. Keep the keywords which perform well and delete the others.

Dynamic keyword insertion
Another very effective way of having better CTR is to let the users enter their preferred search term within your ad. That will help the user find exact item you can offer and you can have a definite conversion there.